Photo du groupe Dark Whispers Dark Whispers is an alternative rock band created in September 2016 by Seb (guitar), Kelly (voice, guitar, piano), Romain (bass) and Pierre (drum). From rock metal to vintage rock, Dark Whispers always research originality and new sounds to rock you. After a few months they've already written about ten compositions and would like to record them by the end of the year.

Photo de kelly membre de Dark Whispers

Kelly D'Antò

Kelly begins in music playing piano. She takes classes during 6 years, before she consecrates herself to playing drums. During several years, she plays as the drummer in a band but however decides to learn playing guitar as well as bass guitar, in order to be able to write her own songs. It's with Dark Wishpers that she decides to share her songs and lead the band towards her rock/metal musical style.

Photo de sebastien membre de Dark Whispers

Sébastien Morel

Sebastien begins in music at the age of 7 playing xylophone, and will practice it during 10 years.
It's when reaching the age of 14 that Sebastian discovers his passion for clean guitar and then electric guitar. He plays in several bands before joining Dark Whishpers. His rock/metal musical influences contribute to giving the band a heavy and rythmic sound.

Photo de romain membre de Dark Whispers

Romain Sidot

It’s at 15 years old that Romain choses to play bass guitar. From rock to funk, he goes through all kind of styles. He starts playing in a band in 2013, then decides to devote himself to Dark Whispers, bringing his groove and energy to the band.

Photo de Pierre membre de Dark Whispers

Pierre Mesot

Pierre Mesot starts playing drums at the age of 10 years old. He takes classes during 8 years before he dedicates himself to personal projects. For instance, he Will play drum in te brass band. He likes rock and artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Foals and Sum 41. His meticulous and confident rythm guide the group.